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Tourism Small Business Assistance Project

Tourism Small Business Assistance Project

Tourism Small Business Assistance Project

The Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) and the Réseau des SADC et CAE (Community Futures Development Corporations and Business Development Centres) announced a new partnership in June 2022 to provide services to Quebec businesses and support regional economic development. Among their joint initiatives is a new Government of Canada tourism small business assistance project.

The West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce is pleased to share the details of this project for the benefit of our members and businesses and organizations in our region that may be interested in submitting an application for funding under this project. We are here to help those businesses, please contact us for more details.

The Project’s Objective

To enable small businesses in tourism to receive a maximum non-refundable contribution of $45,000 per business to help them move forward with small investment projects. These projects include, among others, the adaptation or development of products and services to meet the needs of their clientele in order to support their business’ development and take advantage of recovery opportunities.

The Funding

A total of $40M, in all regions of Quebec, distributed as follows;

  • $20K for small rural businesses, distributed by the Réseau des SADC et CAE;
  • $20K for small urban businesses, distributed by the chambers of commerce.

The maximum contribution per business is $45,000.

Funding Period

Companies wishing to submit their project have until March 31, 2023. Expenses must have been (or be) incurred between October 18, 2022 and March 31, 2023.

Is Your Business Eligible?

To be eligible, your business must:

  • Be a tourism type business that is part of the tourism ecosystem that aims to attract or welcome visitors. For example, you could be a key supplier or operator in the visitor experience; you could be part of a defined tourism cluster; you could be a flagship product or service in a destination.
  • Have sales of $1.5M or less
  • Be able to demonstrate that the support you will receive will enable you to maintain your operations and ensure your long-term viability.
  • Demonstrate that the support is complementary to other sources of funding for the project submitted, if any.
  • Be prepared to provide the financial data and documents required to evaluate the need for funding.
  • Download the PDF version of the Tourism Small Business Assistance Project for more information.

Assistance for a Wide Variety of Tourism Businesses

Many tourism businesses will benefit from this assistance to ensure their growth and development. If your business is involved in the arts, entertainment, recreation, lodging, travel, tourism and leisure transportation, food service, or other tourism-related fields, it may be eligible for a non-refundable contribution of $45,000. Contact the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Want to Apply for Financial Assistance?

  • Make sure you are eligible.
  • Contact the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce for more information.
  • Download and complete the application form below.
  • Send your application to the West Island of Montreal Chamber of Commerce no later than March 31, 2023.
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